Pest Control for Brampton and The Greater Toronto Area
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Residential Pest Control

We provide complete residential pest control solutions and treatments with regards to insect and rodent infestations. We specialize in the eradication of cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, earwigs, silverfish, grain and other beetles, sow bugs, centipedes, millipedes, fleas, spiders wasps as well as mice and rats.

In addition we offer a Residential Pest Protection Program (RPPP) providing yearly protection of your home from all  species listed above as well as squirrel and raccoon relocation.

About Us:

Star Pest Control is independently owned and operated and has been servicing Brampton, GTA and its surrounding areas since early 2009. We are a small family run business that is dedicated to solving all your pest control needs. We guarantee all our service work and are professional from start to finish!